International College of Applied Kinesiology
Dr. Jeanne Kennedy Crosby is a proud member of the ICAK, the International College of Applied Kinesiology. This association of doctors trains and educates practitioners on Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, as developed and used by doctors, as a guide for therapeutic treatment.
Standard Process
Standard Process nutritional products are the best, IMHO. They have been developed with the objective of true absorbtion and utilization. The products are more like medicine than vitamins. They are designed to correct specific deficiencies and imbalances in relatively short order.
Weston A. Price Foundation
The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, whose studies of isolated nonindustrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats.
Health Alert
Amazing healing breakthroughs and scientific findings! Dr. Bruce West’s website promoting his most outstanding health newsletter, which I keep a library of in my waiting room.
Dr. Jeffrey Williamson
Mercury-free holistic dentist in Lake Oswego. I had all of my metal dental fillings replaced here, with safety features in place to prevent re-absorbtion of the mercury particles and vapor. I was able to be muscle tested for the replacement filling material (for which I am grateful, there was one material that didn’t test well and stressed my thyroid, so I was able to say “not this one.”)
Dr. Ray Behm, Natural Dentistry
Be sure to read the page “The Secret” from this wonderful natural dentist in Florida to learn how to save your teeth.
Shelly Stephenson
Shelly is my good friend, and also an experienced, very knowledgeable Pilates instructor and KMI practitioner. She was my neighbor at Ankeny Street Studio, where we worked next to each other. I’ve known her 10 or 12 years at least.
FoodBabe (Vani Hari) is a blogger who has been vigilant in educating her readers about the consequences of industrialized unnatural food products, GMO’s in our everyday diets, and the ease and enjoyment of preparing fresh, natural meals, snacks and beverages. Some of her recipes are iconic, her grain-free Almond Butter Brownies are an internet smash. She has a huge following and her public campaigns against dangerous food additives have successfully shifted the monolith of fake chemical food additives in chain restaurants like Subway and Taco Bell. She is a hero. Subscribe to her blog and buy her book, The Food Babe Way!
Essential Family Medicine
This is a group of naturopathic doctors that we frequently collaborate with in Close-in Southeast Portland. Drs. Elise Wong and Cora Forsten are both experienced naturopathic doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners, they offer both services, including acupuncture. They also offer pediatric services. Their patients love them, they are wonderful to work with.
Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Cornelia Wagner is Jeanne’s vet for her two precious kitties Wah-Kitty and Annabelle (Bella, Bell-Bell) She’s the best vet I know in this town. She does acupuncture on animals and makes her own herbal and essential oil blends for her animal patients. She helped save Wah-Kitty’s life last year when he maybe ate a bad bird and got pacreatitis. Rough times, but he is fully recovered, and cute and smart and soft as ever.


Oil Pulling, Wonderful Therapy
I have practicing Oil Pulling now for a few months, a couple of times per week. I recommend it as a simple, inexpensive way to do some detoxifying at a slow and manageable pace. I can say from experience it makes your teeth whiter almost immediately, and also the eyes become clearer and brighter. The proponents of oil pulling, which comes from India and Ayurvedic medicine, attribute many healing benefits to the practice. This is a good introductory website.
Sound Feelings Intestinal Plaque Loosening Audio File
This is pure genius right here. Listen to the sample. Support this guy’s work by purchasing the downloadable file. It makes you eliminate old hard fecal deposits from your intestinal walls just by listening to it. Highly complementary to any cleansing or purification program.
Stop Being Sweet
This is David Vanadia’s blog about the practice, benefits, and social hazards of quitting sugar, it’s really great. I love checking in on it and reading the posts.
Real Food Forager
This site is awesome, tons of great recipes and information about nutrition, clean water and water filtration, and health tips from a chiropractor-nutritionist.
Abbys Table
Abby Fammartino is a chef and educator who has been promoting delicious menus and recipes that people avoiding gluten, dairy and soy can enjoy.
Coquine is a lovely SE Portland/Mt. Tabor dining experience, serving very high quality seasonal cuisine. Locally sourced organic ingredients, lovingly made and served by Chef Katy Millard and her impeccable team. Beautiful vegetable and meat dishes, French and Italian influence. Amazing wine selection. Go on a nice date.


Community Warehouse
Nonprofit furniture and household furnishings bank where low-income families can be provided with basic needs to set up a home. Great place to donate reuseable housewares that will be redistributed at no cost.
Naturescape site for East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
You can sign up for free classes to learn how to naturescape your yard. I took the basic class and I learned a whole lot about native plants and creating a low impact, low maintenance and beautiful landscaping project.


North Pole Records
Miss Massive Snowflake, the band for which Jeanne plays bass, records on the North Pole record label.
Hank Hirsh Quintet
Hank Hirsh is a great musician, teacher, and friend.
Another family business owned by Todd Crosby, Mister to the Doctor. CD, DVD and Vinyl replication, T-shirts, all printed promotional items.