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Soup: cook once, food all week.

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Eating Well, Nutrition and Healing |

Chicken soup! I made chicken bone broth by cooking bone-in chicken parts first in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or so, then putting in a pot of water, low boil for 2 hours. Pulled out the chicken from the broth, removed the bones, threw the bones back in the pot and simmered them on lowest heat overnight. The broth is amazing, look how beautiful!

Cooked it down more the next day, strained out the bones and bits, then made the soup. Sauteed chopped onion, celery and carrots in about a 1/3 stick of unsalted butter in the big pot.

Then I added the broth, chopped up chicken meat, sliced yellow zucchini, chopped up yams and bok choi, and a little sweet red pepper. I added no spices at all and it is delicious, sometimes I will add some oregano or thyme but not this batch. Sea salt only. We’ll be eating it all week.

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Metal Detox: A Key to Getting and Staying Healthy

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing |

IMAG0975We all accumulate metals in our bodies. Using muscle testing to identify stressors on the body has increased my awareness of this. I find that most everybody is affected to some degree by mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, titanium, and other metals.

What kinds of problems do metals in the body cause? Any condition can be initiated, sustained and amplified by toxicity from metals. Here are some common ones, but this is not a complete list:

  • Constipation, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other lower digestive tract problems
  • Rashes, acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Neuropathy and nervous system dysfunction
  • Loss of taste, vision, hearing, and touch sensation
  • Tinnitus
  • Chronic and repeated infection
  • Thyroid problems
  • Autoimmune problems

Where do we get these metals? Generally from our environment, things we eat or consume, and things we apply to our bodies. Controlling exposure whenever possible is primary. Some metal exposure is controllable and able to be changed with awareness of the problem:

  • Food additives and pesticide residues
  • Contaminated water, even tap water
  • Make up, other cosmetics and hair products especially hair color
  • Dental fillings, braces
  • Medications, recreational drugs, cigarette smoke, and poor quality supplements
  • Certain types of stainless steel and non-stick cookware, food storage containers, stainless steel water bottles
  • Art and printing supplies
  • Tattoo ink

Some it is not under our control:

  • Air pollution
  • Metals you are exposed to as a fetus, as many metals cross the placenta, especially lead

People who are occupationally exposed to metals:

  • Painters and other construction trades
  • Hair stylists
  • Machinists
  • Dentists and dental assistants
  • Welders
  • Mechanics
  • Artists
  • Firefighters

Metals decrease the ability to absorb nutrients, and can cause stagnation and congestion in the main organs of elimination, like the bowels, skin, liver and kidneys as your systems try to detox. You are always naturally detoxing, but you can always improve the ability to drain toxic fluids, release metals and other toxins, and properly absorb nutrients. This is what getting healthier essentially entails.

In my practice, I use Nutrition Response Testing to identify areas of the body that are stressed because of metal accumulation. I then test and select for people safe and effective nutrients, homeopathic remedies and herbs with a high degree of accuracy because of the simple and elegant reliability of the Nutrition Response Testing system. The healing program I design using this method allows good nutrients to be absorbed and promotes reduced concentrations of metals in the body.

Metal can be anywhere in the body. You want to open up good flow to allow it to drain out into the channels of elimination, most importantly the bowels. When managed correctly, there should be improvements over time with symptoms like poor memory, skin rashes and chronic skin conditions like acne, constipation, poor sleep quality, low resistance to infection, and other indicators of excessive stress and health challenges.

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Thai food you can enjoy even more!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Nutrition and Healing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

thai curry 01Here’s the problem: We love Thai food. However, Thai food, while being tasty, inexpensive and no work at all except showing up to order it, contains sugar, corn and soy. Sorry! Yes, there’s lots of fresh vegetables giving you the good feeling that you’re eating something healthful, but the added sugar alone more than negates the benefits of the veggies. (Check out this recent cover story from Mother Jones on the hazards of added sugar.) Then there’s the whole GMO soy and GMO corn issue (many Thai sauces use cornstarch as a thickener.)

thai curry 02I am happy to report I found a great alternative to Thai restaurant food. Yes, you have to cook it. But the control you gain over the ingredients, and the good feeling you have preparing and eating it will empower you! It’s Thai and True prepared Thai curry sauces from Earthly Gourmet. These delicious and authentic tasting curry pastes have no added sweeteners (the peanut sauce does, FYI) no soybean oil or soy sauce, and no corn-derived ingredients. Made in Oregon too! Today I made chicken Panang curry. I cooked chicken drumsticks down in water after browning them in hot coconut oil, pulled the meat off the bones and cooked in the broth with celery, carrots, string beans, fresh ginger, fresh basil, fresh lime juice, and a can of organic coconut milk. I’m eating this right now as I blog about it, which is lame, I know, but I couldn’t let the enthusiasm wane.

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Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia and the Hazards of Nexium, Prilosec, et al.

Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in Chiropractic, Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Healing, Uncategorized |

Hiatal hernia is a structural alignment problem that is very very common in the population. How common? Three of my immediate family members have been diagnosed with it. I see usually several cases every week in my practice. Sometime patients know they have it but usually they don’t. They will often have problems with indigestion, stomach pain, bloating, coughing, hiccups, heart palpitations, and sometimes constipation due to incomplete digestion in the stomach.

The problem starts with an asymmetry of muscle strength around the trunk muscles. A major muscle or muscle group that attaches to the lower ribs is weak. This is usually because of back injury or strain on the abdominal muscles, like in pregnancy. The weakness allows the ribcage to elevate on one side, causing a gap in the diaphragm and allowing the stomach to be pulled up into the chest cavity. The “hernia” of a hiatal hernia is not usually a tearing or a rip like other hernias (inguinal or abdominal.) The diaphragm is not a solid layer of muscles, it’s overlapping segments that can gap if the ribcage is not properly aligned.

Acid reflux and hiatal hernia are two very closely associated conditions because the stomach gets pulled up through the hiatus (the normal opening in the diaphragm that is supposed to be tight enough to not allow this situation.) Instant digestion wreckage! Many chiropractors know how to fix this. I personally treat five to ten patients a week typically with this condition with excellent results. This safe and natural treatment allows patients to avoid or discontinue medications that alleviate the symptoms of reflux and heartburn but do nothing to fix the cause, and also compromise good digestion and resistance to infection by inhibiting stomach acid.

I learned how to reduce the cause of hiatal hernia and stomach  indigestion from other practitioners. If you have this condition, ask your chiropractor if they know how to fix it. I have the technique written up and available to share.

Chiropractors practicing Sacral Occipital Technique (a popular chiropractic technique, which I use some of in my practice) have conducted a study and presented their findings on treating GERD with chiropractic adjusting, here is a link to their study.

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Here’s What We’re Eating at Abby’s Table Next Thursday 6/21/12!

Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in I Love My Friends, Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle, Uncategorized |

First: Creamy Artichoke and Roasted Garlic Dip with Toasted Crostini Points

Second: Biotola Salad with Golden Beets, Sugar Snap Peas, Edible Flowers and Spearmint Dressing

Main: Stuffed Chicken with Lacinto Kale and Garlic Scape Pesto

(Vegan/Vegetarian Main Option – Stuffed Zucchini with Lacinto Kale and Garlic Scape Pesto)

Entrees served with Local Broiled Tomatoes and Crispy Quinoa Potato Cakes!

Dessert: Garlic and Olive Oil Ice Cream with Chocolate Truffles and Rosemary Salt!!


$30 for the meal and the experience!    

(Drinks cost extra or BYOB!)

How Do I sign up?

Two Steps:

1)    Email or call Better Forever and say you are going. (You can just reply to this email.)

2)    Click Here and sign up for the number of people in your party.  You will have to give your credit card.  It is easy to choose the option where they will not charge you beforehand.  Your cc number just saves the spot.  Even if you cover for 4 other people for dinner, they can pay at the end of the meal.

We encourage you to sign up now.  Seats are limited and we’ve had a good response!

Better Forever and Abby's Table dinner menu

Garlic Scapes

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