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Heavy Metal Pollution – How to avoid and recover from health challenges related to environmental conditions that are beyond your control.

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Natural Healing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, D.C.


Test vials that identify common problems or stressors affecting your body's ability to adapt and be well.

Test vials identify common metals that affect your health.

Portland, Oregon 2016 – We have contaminated, polluted air and soil. In some areas of the city it’s very dirty and there’s been some thoughtlessness, negligence and maybe even some cover-up.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you have heard me talk about metals and how they’re messing up everyone’s best efforts to get well and stay well. All cities are filthy. They all have decades to centuries of dust and grime from current and past industry, construction/demolition, pesticide use, and transportation.

I have a metal detox system that is measurable. It is energetic in nature and requires no invasive medical testing. I’ve been practicing it for eight years. It identifies these metals by name (arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, etc.) and also directs relief from the stress they cause on your body with effective, economical, deep detoxifying protocols. It’s here for you always. If you live in Portland, (not just in Southeast Portland, I’ve known for years that the air in my North Portland neighborhood is atrocious,) I encourage you to look into doing some measured, supervised and reasonably easy internal clean up, and I am here to help you. Please call Better Forever and schedule a nutrition response testing visit with me for this. It can make a huge impact on your healing efforts and accelerate your health improvement.

Human bodies are designed to absorb nutrients and eliminate auto-toxicity, the waste products our bodies naturally generate. Exposure to external sources of toxins wears down optimal function of the natural exit channels for substances to be excreted: lungs, skin, bowels, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic channels. Here’s the thing: we all have metals in our bodies. It accumulates. It suppresses optimal function of organ systems and the immune system. Exposure is pretty much constant through our lives on this planet. You can never really get rid of all of it, you can only work to optimize healing and limit your exposure in all ways you have control over.

Very recently I read a parent questioning about how to detoxify and heal a child who has been identified as having metals in their body with urinalysis. Every child I have ever checked out with my non-invasive system has tested positive for metals, notably lead. Check out the long-standing lead problem in our city housing. Metals also cross the placenta, and many times children have acquired metal in their bodies from their mother.

It was suggested in thread that the best thing that one could safely do to get metals out of a child’s body is have the child sweat (in this case, an 11 month old baby.) Not only a difficult endeavor, (how are you supposed to make an 11 month old sweat?) but I respectfully disagree. The easiest and most effective way to get metals out of any body is…. poop! Have bowel movements that are at least once to three times daily. Children have healing capacity that is so fast and uncomplicated. They will always benefit from chiropractic, and often some nutrient or homeopathic remedy to help them along, but when you feed them healthful fresh foods, teach them to drink water, eliminate or at least limit sweets and encourage them to sleep at night, they heal so much on their own. Kids often get constipated easily though, so it needs to be addressed. Constipation is a pretty good sign that your liver is overloaded with detoxification efforts. Frequent bowel elimination takes pressure off the lymphatic system, as many external toxins in the human body get impregnated into tissue and cells. This allows for extracellular matrix to drain, and then cells, into the lymph channels to be directed to the bowels and the kidneys. You want most of it, 90% ideally, to exit through the bowels and not the kidneys. Poop out those metals, people.

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*cough cough cough*

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Chiropractic, Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Natural Healing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, D.C.

So you had a cold. Maybe the flu, bronchitis or even pneumonia. You’re pretty much all better, but you still cough. What does it mean when a cough persists, even after you feel otherwise normal?

  • You may have some residual mucus in your lungs that you are trying to expectorate (cough up.) Massage around the ribs and chest muscles can help facilitate this.
  • You may have a misalignment or muscle strain around your ribs and diaphragm from all the coughing and now your lungs are irritated; you need a chiropractic treatment.
  • You may need some nutritional support for your heart after recovering from an infection. This is common. Cardio-Plus by standard Process is a good choice for heart support, and it’s fine for kids, too.
  • You may need some nutritional support for you large intestine. Lungs and large intestine are the same element in Chinese medicine, metal. The last time I was sick I had a persistent cough; I took Cholenest, a German homeopathic remedy from Nestmann (we use it here a lot, it’s great for many different things) and my cough disappeared immediately, it was remarkable.
  • You may have a lingering immune challenge and need additional immune support, like Congaplex, Antronex, Cyruta Plus, or Immuplex. These are safe and effective natural products that give your natural immunity extra support to resolve symptoms like coughing.

Please let me know if you have been sick and you haven’t stopped coughing. I can choose a remedy for you at your appointment.

Another reason for a chronic cough: exposure to chemicals. When you work or live around sources of chemical pollution, your lungs can be overloaded with detoxifying process. This can require focus on the other main detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system) in addition to lungs. It’s more of a commitment compared to recovering from a cough caused by acute infection, but it’s time and effort well spent to improve overall health.

  • Hair stylists, painters, construction and demolition teams, janitors, medical personnel are all exposed occupationally to chemicals that can cause hypersensitivity and symptoms such as coughing.
  • People who work in shopping malls with chemically treated clothes and new items that are off-gassing formaldehyde can develop respiratory symptoms and sometimes other symptoms like migraines and skin conditions.

Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing offer so many ways to support your body’s natural healing capacities. We have many options here at Better Forever to relieve symptoms such as coughing associated with immune challenges and environmental stress.


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Phone, Skype and Face-Time nutrition consulting appointments now available!

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Detoxification, Eating Well, Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, D.C.

Have you ever thought…

“I miss Dr. Jeanne, and I was feeling so good on my nutrition program when I was seeing her regularly.” Or, “I wish my (parents, children, friends, whomever) could see Dr. Jeanne for some help with (pain, insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, insert health concern here)?”

Happy new year dreamer, your IMG_0881 - Version 2dreams are coming true! I am now offering nutrition appointments via phone, Skype and Face-Time. This service can be used by new patients and established Nutrition Response Testing patients! Maybe you are too over-scheduled to come in during regular Better Forever in-person office times, or maybe you live too far away to come in, or perhaps you have some other mobility or distance issue that prevents an in-person nutrition consulting session. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to see if this will be a good resource for you or your loved ones.

We are also now providing free shipping for all supplement purchases! I’m so happy to do this to help you stay on track with your healing process. You can order your products in person at your appointment, or over the phone. Here’s what I’m currently taking right now:

  • Energetix Core Para-V (parasites – I have cats, what can I say? I take this or something similar 2-3X year.)
  • Standard Process Betafood (gall bladder, liver)
  • Standard Process Cataplex D – Vitamin D, highly recommended product
  • Standard Process Drenamin – Adrenal support for high-functioning, busy, and stressed-out/burned-out people

Call or email if you have any questions. I truly appreciate our connection, and the work we do together.



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Interview with Dr. Jeanne Kennedy Crosby

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

By Emily Kaspari

Jeanne, how did you first learn about Nutrition Response Testing?
From my friend Nanci Pascoe. She owns a healing center in Corvallis named Mystic Mountain Center for Healing Arts. I was going down there 2 times per month to do treatments, chiropractic and AK. I was already muscle testing for 4-5 years and using more kinesiologic testing for nutrients and remedies. She was the first one to test me using NRT test kits. She also gave me those awesome Freddie Ulan Nutritional Pearls CD’s to listen to in my car driving back and forth from Portland to Corvallis. Those are great discs.

What was a moment you knew you needed to study and work with this modality?
I took an introductory class on NRT in Seattle in 2008, I bought the test kits and started using them at work. I had been taking the recommended supplement protocol I got from the teacher when he tested all the students after class. After a while I was feeling worse, and like I needed more follow up, so I called this teacher up and made an appointment at his clinic. His name is Paul Rosen, and he asked me to work with him and go to Florida several times over the course of a year learn NRT at the advanced level. There wasn’t a moment. It wasn’t an easy decision. It was a lot of travel and everything was at my own expense. I wasn’t sure I even needed it, because I already thought I knew plenty enough to do my job. I also had the opinion that I was already a good muscle tester. I did understand though, while working with Paul, that there was a lot of gaps in what I knew, so I wanted to learn more. I left my Portland practice and joined Paul Rosen’s practice in Vancouver, Washington. I worked with him for one year while I traveled eight times to Florida for advanced courses in muscle testing, nutrition, natural healing, and practice management. I lost momentum and most of the patients I had gained working as a chiropractor in Portland for 9 years in essentially the same location. The practice I have now is very different from the one I gave up in 2010 to learn advanced NRT, but it is pretty much right around the corner location-wise from where I started practicing on SE Belmont St. in Portland.

And why have you chosen NRT as part of your career?
Because I know it pretty well, it’s time efficient, and it works very nicely.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of NRT as a nutrition-based healing modality?
One of its strengths is in its consistency. I have observed and mentored new testers, and it’s exciting for them when I find the same things they did on the person they just tested. The accuracy and present-time information is so great.
I have observed that you do need to be trained to recognize when to modify a program and not over-detoxify someone, it’s a detailed process that requires clinical experience and training, otherwise you can get diminishing returns as the kidneys get overloaded in the process. That actually happened to me as a patient so I’m pretty keen on it, but detoxing metals and toxic chemicals can wreck your digestion if it’s not handled right. It may also require a rotation of several homeopathics, nutrients and herbs to get someone stabilized. I think in comparison to traditional symptom-based prescribing it’s incredibly economical, but as the patient you still have to do the work and it can take some time.

How would you describe the training you’ve received?
All the training I’ve received is both classroom and clinical, actually practicing on classmates. When I did my advanced NRT training there was a HUGE binder of notes, several stacks of flash cards, memorizing the location of remedies in the Standard Process test kits so you can be fast, there’s a lot of training in how to be fast so you can have a high volume practice. There’s some focus on practice management, which really helped me. Communicating the information to patients is also a focus because you have to get people to understand what you’re doing for them so they’re not too hung up on the process of arm testing.

Is there another training you wish you’d completed instead of or on top of what you have done? If so, what?
I don’t think about doing more big programs, just smaller seminars. I recently took three weekend seminars with Dr. David Leaf, who is a world famous doctor and teacher of Applied Kinesiology, and his classes really helped my chiropractic flow. I love learning from the best.

Was that training sufficient for your nutrition-based work, were you glad for your medical training, or did you feel the need to supplement with your own learning. If so, what did you do?
I am very thankful for all the things I’ve learned. It’s all made me the doctor I am today, and I use information from a wide variety of sources, including my own life experience, to administer care to my patients. I love being a chiropractor. I studied Applied Kinesiology and I practiced it for 10 years before I learned NRT. There’s amazing people in the AK community doing really advanced and progressive work, the true power of the chiropractic adjustment was really shown to me through AK. Some parts of NRT are derived from the work of Applied Kinesiology doctors. It’s a more traditional style of testing, not energetic, very anatomy, function and movement oriented.

How did your other background (ex DC, music) help/hinder/effect your process of learning/practicing NRT?
I play electric bass and guitar, and I find muscle testing to be natural for me because playing a stringed instrument requires a light tough and feel for attenuation and vibration. I am still taking music lessons and in jazz, my preferred study genre, it’s somewhat formal. There’s always going to be people who are ahead of you and behind you. You learn humbleness and respect for people in their learning process.

How did you start to bring patients into this part of your practice?
You have to talk about it and you have to show people what you’re talking about. Muscle testing is still new but many people know about it here and they seek it out. You have to make the suggestion to people you’re already in contact with while letting people who are looking for what you do know that your service is available.

Would you recommend this tool to other practitioners?
Definitely, but it’s a big commitment to learn it at the master level.

Would you recommending training in NRT to people who with to work as a nutritional healer but do not have a medical degree?
Yes I would, but with a qualifier that they work with other experienced licensed practitioners with medical or chiropractic training that can help with crisis. It happens. It can suck to be the person whose recommendation sends someone to urgent care. We get very sick people in our office. It’s not just about eating healthier, people show up with deep old layers of poisons in their bodies, and you need to help them detox in a way that doesn’t hurt them. It’s a considerable responsibility.

NOTE: Emily Kaspari is a student at Northwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has a background in Nutrition Response Testing working in the Michigan office of Dr. Darren Schmitt, who is one of the leading practitioners of this modality in the field.

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Head Symptoms

Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Nutrition Response Testing |

Head symptoms are always presenting in my practice. Here are some common ones:

  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Hair loss (women especially)
  • Dry eyes, vision changes, degenerative eye conditions
  • Itchy ears
  • Clogged ears
  • Rosacea and other complexion issues
  • Sinus problems
  • Loose teeth, enamel loss and other dental problems, gum disease
  • TMJ dysfunction and pain
  • Dizziness and vertigo

Here’s a concept: We all age, and we have to live and work in sometimes less than clean, safe environments. We internally accumulate toxins and metals, and in some cases develop congesting immune challenges and chronic inflammation in our bodies, i.e. sinus infection caused by fungal yeast. This is generally widespread through the whole body, but we really tend to notice the head stuff. It gets our attention.

The approach I use that is generally effective to restore health and give relief is this: use nutrients, homeopathic remedies, and herbs that I have chosen based on the findings identified with muscle testing. This encourages decreased inflammation and gentle drainage of excess retained fluids, so that toxins, metals, and pathogen die-off can then be more efficiently eliminated. This process is accelerated and enhanced by chiropractic work on the head, neck and jaw, like upper cervical spine and cranial adjustments, ear and eustachian tube manipulation, and corrective muscle work around the jaw.

Nutrition Response Testing helps identify what regional or systemic sequence to focus these efforts on. For example, as a rule the bowels, the liver, the kidneys all need to be clear and functioning well first. After that, the head, neck and upper body will start to drain. It’s notable that in the head this can literally feel like drainage, like your sinuses have become a faucet. This is progress and shouldn’t last too long. Sinuses, lungs, liver and bowels are all very connected, and they are some of your main drainage exit points, how you get rid of bad stuff. This is why, when you are healing, you can help yourself out by doing sinus rinses, salt water gargles, deep meditative breathing, water enemas, and simple liver care techniques, like drinking water with lemon juice or with raw organic apple cider vinegar. Oil pulling is a very helpful and old Ayurvedic self-care technique that can be great for head symptoms, and especially sinus and mouth symptoms.

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