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Your Insurance at Better Forever

Posted by on Dec 7, 2016 in Chiropractic, Health Care Industry and Business Stuff |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, D.C.

Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is happening now through the end of January. Now that I have had the opportunity to work first-hand with many of the companies who are offering health plans, I want to give a few pointers for choosing your next plan and/or company. Please remember I only bill insurance in some cases for chiropractic services. Nutrition Response Testing is not billed to insurance.

Providence Health Plans – I am a contracted preferred provider with Providence. I bill personal and group health plans that include chiropractic coverage. This does not apply to Oregon Health Plans managed by Providence, or Medicare Advantage plans managed by Providence. I no longer bill these plans, they are outside of my contract.

No health insurance plan pays very much for my services compared to the actual charges. You see this reflected in your statements from the treatments here if we bill your insurance. Providence generally pays me the best, they are among the most affordable plans (my family uses them) and they’re easy to work with, comparatively. It’s easy to speak to someone there for help on the phone. They don’t require pre-authorization for care. They are really nice and go out of their way to help.

Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield – I am and will continue to be contracted with Regence for at least the first part of next year (2017.) I am considering leaving this network, even though a lot of you have this insurance. These plans unfortunately do not pay enough for me to continue to add new patients with this coverage to my already very full schedule. They are also really restrictive about speaking to anyone for help when we have questions (they want you to use their website for everything,) and they sometimes require pre-authorization for care. It’s a lot for us/me to manage for their payment rates, which is why I’m re-evaluating my contract with them.

Out of Network Benefits – If you have Moda, Aetna, or United Health Care, generally through your employment, you may have benefits that pay for out of network practitioners. This will cover a small part of your charges, but no discount is applied, like there would be if I was in network. Your portion of the bill that you are responsible for is due at the time of service. FYI, I have repeatedly approached Moda requesting a contract to be in network, and they will not offer me one.

Kaiser – I have repeatedly approached Kaiser requesting a contract to be in network, and they will not offer me one. They do not offer out of network benefits for chiropractic care.

Please remember that many or perhaps all plans (not sure) offer an option to use a Health Savings Account. These are typically Bronze plans. I have one. I use a US Bank affiliated HAS plan, Optum. These are interest-bearing accounts. When I receive any health services not covered by my very basic, no-chiropractic-no-alternative healthcare, only catastrophic-oriented medical coverage, I use the HSA. If you’re buying a personal plan, this is a good way to have a lot of flexibility in whom you see as providers, and the money you run through that account (that’s what I do mostly, I don’t keep money in there very long,) is not taxed as income on your annual federal taxes. The restrictions change yearly for what you can use this for, no supplements, massage must be medical (coded, charted, to address specific medical diagnoses.) Medical massage is billed at $174.00 per hour, so if you are using a health savings account, or a flexible spending account for massage, it must be paid at this rate.

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Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Chiropractic, I Love My Friends, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby D.C.

I graduated from chiropractic school in June 2001, after spending six years as a full-time student in rigorous academic testing and training. It was, and still remains one of the happiest days of my life. I am grateful every day for my education, but I am so glad to be done with school. It was very challenging at times.

I made friends both before and after graduation with colleagues who inspire and support me on a regular basis, and they look out for me too, as I do for them. These are great times for innovators. We get information together as a group mind when we share what we know.

I have been seeing patients now for 15 years. I have some very long-time people, some who started seeing me back when I worked out of my home on SE Belmont Street for 2 years. Then I moved to the little office building 2 blocks away for 7 years. I have been most of these 15 years within the same square mile of SE Portland.

It feels really good to go to work and see you all. I am always impressed with your efforts, your progress and your compassion towards me. You all teach me things every day. Thanks so much for seeing my heart and letting me learn how to make all of us flourish and shine in this exchange. I am aware now that it’s not the easiest business in the world, but truthfully I never set out intending to be a great business person. This is work worth doing well and seeing what transpires. Great chiropractors are remembered, people are always telling me about the chiropractors that made an impression on them in their life.

Jim MacKimmie is one example, he wrote this inspiring book,  I keep it in my reception area for people to read little bits while they wait for me. Many of my patients wind up purchasing the book. I love how Dr. MacKimmie left such a strong legacy for chiropractic and energetic healing, this inspires me to do my best every day.

As I go into my next 15 years of practicing my work, I invite you to join me in renewing your commitment to health, the health of your families and communities, the livability of your home, both the personal and the planetary, and your purpose in life. Keep your hearts open and be in the moment.

Photo 2008 by DeLeon

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Heavy Metal Pollution – How to avoid and recover from health challenges related to environmental conditions that are beyond your control.

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Detoxification, Muscle Testing, Natural Healing, Nutrition and Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Portland Oregon Lifestyle |

by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, D.C.


Test vials that identify common problems or stressors affecting your body's ability to adapt and be well.

Test vials identify common metals that affect your health.

Portland, Oregon 2016 – We have contaminated, polluted air and soil. In some areas of the city it’s very dirty and there’s been some thoughtlessness, negligence and maybe even some cover-up.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you have heard me talk about metals and how they’re messing up everyone’s best efforts to get well and stay well. All cities are filthy. They all have decades to centuries of dust and grime from current and past industry, construction/demolition, pesticide use, and transportation.

I have a metal detox system that is measurable. It is energetic in nature and requires no invasive medical testing. I’ve been practicing it for eight years. It identifies these metals by name (arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, etc.) and also directs relief from the stress they cause on your body with effective, economical, deep detoxifying protocols. It’s here for you always. If you live in Portland, (not just in Southeast Portland, I’ve known for years that the air in my North Portland neighborhood is atrocious,) I encourage you to look into doing some measured, supervised and reasonably easy internal clean up, and I am here to help you. Please call Better Forever and schedule a nutrition response testing visit with me for this. It can make a huge impact on your healing efforts and accelerate your health improvement.

Human bodies are designed to absorb nutrients and eliminate auto-toxicity, the waste products our bodies naturally generate. Exposure to external sources of toxins wears down optimal function of the natural exit channels for substances to be excreted: lungs, skin, bowels, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic channels. Here’s the thing: we all have metals in our bodies. It accumulates. It suppresses optimal function of organ systems and the immune system. Exposure is pretty much constant through our lives on this planet. You can never really get rid of all of it, you can only work to optimize healing and limit your exposure in all ways you have control over.

Very recently I read a parent questioning about how to detoxify and heal a child who has been identified as having metals in their body with urinalysis. Every child I have ever checked out with my non-invasive system has tested positive for metals, notably lead. Check out the long-standing lead problem in our city housing. Metals also cross the placenta, and many times children have acquired metal in their bodies from their mother.

It was suggested in thread that the best thing that one could safely do to get metals out of a child’s body is have the child sweat (in this case, an 11 month old baby.) Not only a difficult endeavor, (how are you supposed to make an 11 month old sweat?) but I respectfully disagree. The easiest and most effective way to get metals out of any body is…. poop! Have bowel movements that are at least once to three times daily. Children have healing capacity that is so fast and uncomplicated. They will always benefit from chiropractic, and often some nutrient or homeopathic remedy to help them along, but when you feed them healthful fresh foods, teach them to drink water, eliminate or at least limit sweets and encourage them to sleep at night, they heal so much on their own. Kids often get constipated easily though, so it needs to be addressed. Constipation is a pretty good sign that your liver is overloaded with detoxification efforts. Frequent bowel elimination takes pressure off the lymphatic system, as many external toxins in the human body get impregnated into tissue and cells. This allows for extracellular matrix to drain, and then cells, into the lymph channels to be directed to the bowels and the kidneys. You want most of it, 90% ideally, to exit through the bowels and not the kidneys. Poop out those metals, people.

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